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Cloud services

Hosting applications and their particular environments such as: Fluig, ERP, Protheus among others, document hosting and every need with a guarantee of performance, safety and fast service.


Ensure maximum efficiency, security and easy scalability for your information.

Backups and Security

Backup management applications and documents daily performed safely and easily for file restoration.

Significant reduction in costs:
Software update:

Updating operating systems and database. Hardware Upgrade (upgrade parts or servers).
Hardware Update:

Hardware Upgrade (upgrade parts or servers).
Support and backups:

Hardware such as servers, network infrastructure, storage and others. Backups, scheduling, and information security.

Extra costs with professionals such as salaries or hiring services of a specialist, updates, recruitment and training.
Environmental costs:

Energy as generators and no - breaks. Maintenance of generators and no - breaks. Rental of physical space for all network equipment and servers.
Licenses and Guarantees:

Licenses of operating systems and / or database. Extended warranties for hardware and software.

Links with high rate of Download / Upload (which ends up making it quite expensive).

Shifts up to 24 × 7 (maintenance or upgrade).

Depreciation of assets.

This issue is of concern to all, and our services guarantee full
data security. We use the Google Cloud Storage service of Google
SA, where its base will have the same security model known by any
Google feature.

virtualized services save power, space, cooling and carbon dioxide emissions. The ease of sharing documents, for example, also reduces the cost of printing, since many files can be accessed from virtually any location.

It is very easy and quick to scale the infrastructure to track your computing demand without minimum contract period, increase or decrease according to the need.

Get access to files, documents and applications from anywhere, simply access the internet.
Team optimization and servers:

With our team taking care of your SERVER, BANK, FLUIG or (another system), your IT staff and servers can be dedicated to other projects, taking care of the real business of the organization.
Daily Backup:

We perform backup documents or applications according to the demand of your company flexible hours
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