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Meet our call flow diagram and reports
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Monditech a product designed for your business!

Flow Service

Ideal for managing processes and services in various areas with quality, efficiency and speed. Keep record of all requests and through the Management Dashboard display the time and status of each service, identify bottlenecks and direct the practical care.

Descriptive memorial

What is available:

• Time limits per occurrence and company;
• Dashboard with reports and charts;
• repeatable flow to meet various areas;
• Cost center for financial control.
Thinking about it, we present in the section below an introductory tutorial usability of our products, track and see what we can offer for your business.
See some of the benefits generated by our products.

Stationery Service:

Always roles, per occurrence, area and company. Causing the call to be routed to the correct team.


Have a period of distinguished service by companies and occurrence. Choose between working hours or racing dynamically.


View of active requests, making it possible to see the current situation of the company's service. For a managerial view, the historical view search all calls already made.


Reduce calls to your team and have a standardized service, efficient and measurable.

Dashboard Management

Keep a record of all calls in a quick way, choose between the current or historical vision. View the most impactful for your business requests and deadlines to meet. Use it as support in their decision making, avoid bottlenecks and redirect calls with assertiveness.


Have maintenance types, areas and events in the palm of your hand. With it you can customize the indicators as it sees best suited to your business without support or development.
Incorporate all kinds of requests in a single stream of service:

Keep in a single stream of answering all requests met;
Registration of multiple companies, branches and cost centers:

Keep all companies and branches registered facilitating the identification and targeting of requests, as well as having cost center registration facilitating the accounting entries;
Multiple tasks for different roles:

Assign tasks to users quickly and easily by assigning a role in the registration of the event;
Time of registration to completion of occurrences in working hours and / or races, differentiated by stages:

Sign the time for completion of each occurrence and can register different times for each step or the service as a whole;
Record of all requests:

Keep record of all requests and can be consulted at any time, including writing data or management reports;
Management dashboard:

Has complete view of open requests and service, know the number of requests for each service user to graphically view the number of requests of each department, status, service and period of time to complete;
Management Reports:

Get quick access to important information for decision making, allows for clear viewing and making measurements of the level of satisfaction of care and department performance;
Called reduction (fewer calls):

Standardize the request reduces the number of phone calls that way servers can focus on what really matters is meeting the request;
Resource Management:

Notice who is available, in which each attendant projects are working and still perform task assignments;
Registration and Maintenance area, type and Events with activity time:

Determine the service time for each activity facilitates service and expectation of the applicant who will know when will a return of the request;
Deadline accomplishments:

By measuring time, the attendants come to control the pace of activities, which identified bottlenecks can be corrected;
Care provided by a third party:

Care provided by a third party have their periods stopped until the return of the task, causing his team did not receive undue delay;
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